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Film & How-to

Labor & construction process.

From Residential to Commercial Const.

>Parking lot

>Ramp & Railing

>Front Facade Masonry

>Interior Framing, ADA compliant

New Bathroom Built

Created a space for a shower, vanity, toilet and water heater.






>Mud & Texture

>Prime & Paint


>Prefab Shower & Tub


Concrete Stained Floors & Baseboard

Beautiful gray stain with sealer!

>Tape & Plastic Walls

>Concrete Edging

>Prime Floors

>Spray & Roll Stain once dried

>Double Coat Stain

>Let dry & Seal Floors

>Install Baseboards & Paint

>Appliance Installations

Bar Bistro Built

>Demo and Dust prevention




>Tile Walls